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Ed Herbert provides a special solo2011_09_17_10_03_01_831.jpgKent Merrill and Ed Herbert hard at work
2ndharvest1.jpegThank you Dick and Helen!
Angus ShawPresident David Dau with Club Member Bonnie WhiteRoger Cox works the kitchen
2ndharvest1.jpegKiwanis Support RIF Program at Soutside ElementaryJan Meade presents flowers to Helen Stanton
2012-2013 Officers of the University High Key ClubHarvey Justice keeps the pancakes comingThomas makes remarks to a largely vacant room
Johnson City
Meetings: Every Wed. at Noon·Millennium Park, 2nd Fl. Ballroom, 2001 Millennium Pl., Johnson City, TN, 37604 ·(304) 674 3190